Irbid-Amman transportation companies will not raise fares


Published: 2018-02-07 15:48

Last Updated: 2018-02-08 11:15

Transportation companies provide services between Amman and Irbid.
Transportation companies provide services between Amman and Irbid.
Roya News Source

Transportation companies operating between Irbid and Amman will not raise tranportation fares according to the government’s decision to raise public transportation fares by 10% on Wednesday.

Earlier on Sunday, the Land Transport Regulatory Commission (LTRC) decided to raise Amman-Irbid bus fares to reach JD 1.15 as of Wednesday, however, operators said they will not commit to the decision and will keep prices unchanged, for JD 1 only.

Bus drivers and operators confirmed the decision came in response to the new set of prices decided by the government, which mostly affect people from low and middle classes, who make up the majority of bus passengers.

The decision was made after studying all changes related to fuel prices and inflation rates, the LTRC Director General, Salah Lozi, said.

He confirmed that the commission was late in announcing the new fares due to change in the pricing process that affects rate amendment accredited by the LTRC, Petra news agency reported.

The Latest increase in transport fares was in 2016 when prices were increased by 10% for all public transport, under a decision taken by the LTRC, who is responsible for the transport sector and providing incentives to operators, as well as boosting investments.

Moreover, the transport sector accounts for 26% of the gross domestic product for the kingdom. Investments related to it are also “large and fruitful” Lozi said in previous remarks, according to the Jordan Times.

During 2017, the Jordanian transport sector witnessed tangible developments, according to the Prime Ministry’s annual report that summarizes the government's key achievements during 2017.

On Sunday, King Abdullah II received the report from Prime Minister Hani Mulki.

Accordingly, the government’s achievements in the transport sector were characterized by many delays, however, they were finalizing a clear strategy for the transport sector during the next five years.