PA to form a plan for replacing the Israeli Shekel


Published: 2018-02-06 18:34

Last Updated: 2018-02-06 19:30

Israeli Shekels' papers
Israeli Shekels' papers
Roya News Source

The Palestinian Authority said on Tuesday it will make a plan to replace the Israeli Shekel with any other currency, saying it might make a Palestinian currency, as a part of its plan for “disengagement” from Israel.

Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank don’t have their own currency; they rely mostly on the Israeli shekel, Jordanian dinar, and US dollar.

But PA employees in both the West Bank and the Gaza Strip receive their salaries in shekels.

The decision to disengage from Israel came as a response to an earlier decision made by the PLO Executive Committee. The committee asked the PA government to immediately form plans for “disengagement” between the Palestine and Israel on all levels, including economy and security.

The decision came after a three-hour meeting run by PA’s president Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazin.
Palestinians always complained that their economy is completely connected to the Israeli one.