Israeli police arrested mother and daughter over 'terrorist' allegations


Published: 2018-02-06 15:19

Last Updated: 2018-02-14 10:45

Arabic girls from the West Bank
Arabic girls from the West Bank
Roya News Source


Israeli police have arrested mother and daughter in the West Bank under the allegation of planning terrorist attacks, the Israeli police announced on Tuesday.

"Last week police and border policemen arrested a mother and her daughter ages 48 and 16 suspected in intending to carry out an attack, incitement of terrorism and possession of weapons," the police’s statement said. It also added that the investigation lead them to believe the daughter was planning to carry out a "terrorist attack against civilians."

The police also stated that “The mother is accused of incitement due to social media photos where she appears to hold an automatic weapon. The daughter was questioned as she poses a threat to carry out an attack”