Jordanian MPs receive insulting text messages after their number are publicly shared on Facebook


Published: 2018-02-06 14:00

Last Updated: 2018-02-06 20:11

Jordanian lawmaker Fawwaz Zoabi (Roya News Arabic)
Jordanian lawmaker Fawwaz Zoabi (Roya News Arabic)
Roya News Source

Jordanian MP Fawwaz al-Zoabi complained on Tuesday that he has been receiving insulting text messages on his phone, ever since his counterpart Mohammad al-Reyati shared the phone numbers of Jordanian MPs on his personal Facebook page.

“Al-Reyati did not need to release our phone numbers on Facebook. We are receiving messages of praise as well as insulting ones from the public,” Zoabi said.

Al-Zoabi urged al-Reyati to stop saying that Jordanians are "outraged," pointing out that "all the demonstrations taking place across the Kingdom are for the benefit of the country.”

Last month, al-Reyati published the phone numbers of Jordanian MPs, calling on citizens to urge the politicians to sign a non-confidence memo against the government. The MPs were disturbed and less than impressed by his actions.