More than 50 Palestinians arrested in late night raids


Published: 2018-01-30 14:03

Last Updated: 2018-01-30 14:03

Predawn raids are daily occurrences in the West Bank (Haaretz)
Predawn raids are daily occurrences in the West Bank (Haaretz)
Roya News Source

Fifty-six Palestinians including 20 university students were arrested last night, as Israeli soldiers carried out an arrest campaign in Jerusalem and the West Bank, Middle East Monitor (MEM) reported.

According to the Palestinian Prisoners’ Club (PPC), 20 military vehicles rolled into the village of al-Issawiya at 3:30 am, arrested 20 Palestinians and damaged properties.

Furthermore, three Palestinians were arrested in Nablus after Israeli forces raided the city, while a Hamas leader was arrested in al-Duheisha Refugee Camp.

Other arrests have reportedly taken place in other West Bank cities and villages, according to MEE.

170 search and arrest operations were carried out in the West Bank between December 19 and January 1st, according to UN documentations.

An average of 85 searches and detentions take place weekly, according to UN documentation.