King Abdullah condemns Kabul attack


Published: 2018-01-27 17:15

Last Updated: 2024-04-18 04:49

King Abdullah of Jordan (Roya News Arabic)
King Abdullah of Jordan (Roya News Arabic)

King Abdullah II of Jordan sent his condolences to the Afghani President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani over the terrorist attack which took place in Kabul earlier on Saturday, leaving tens killed and injured.

The king expressed his strong condemnation to such “horrible attacks”, confirming that Jordan will be standing by Afghanistan against terrorism.

95 people were killed; another 150 were injured in a suicide car bomb at the Afghani capital of Kabul, the attack was claimed by Taliban.

According to the Interior Ministry, the attacker was driving an ambulance.

Police in Kabul said the explosion took place near the entrance to the former building of the Interior Ministry at the end of Chicken Street, a popular way for shopping.