Israel extends detention of two injured Palestinian minors


Published: 2018-01-25 16:18

Last Updated: 2018-01-25 17:50

The two youths while injured on the ground on Tuesday. (PalInfoCenter)
The two youths while injured on the ground on Tuesday. (PalInfoCenter)
Roya News Source

The Israeli military court extended the detention of two Palestinian minors, after they were shot and injured two days earlier over allegedly stabbing attack in Nablus, the West Bank on Tuesday.

The 15-year-old minors were identified as Mohammad Haj Mohammad and Ahmad Zaqzouq, from Jenin, after their images went viral on social media while laying on the ground and injured in their legs.

Both minors were allegedly detained and taken to an Israeli hospital, after Israeli forces prevented Palestinian ambulances from reaching them.

Earlier on Tuesday, Israeli soldiers stationed at the checkpoint shot the two youths after they allegedly attempted to stab soldiers injuring both in their lower limbs.

While no Israelis were hurt in the alleged stabbing attempt, one of the two minors was believed to be moderately injured and the second light.

While the Israeli government is currently using detention as a procedure that allows the Israeli military to hold prisoners indefinitely without charging them, there are currently more than 6150 Palestinian prisoner detained.

Around 350 of them are children who were arrested in night raids and subjected to ill-treatment from blindfolding, threats, harsh interrogations without the presence of their lawyers or families, solitary confinement and in some cases physical violence.