Do we trust our government? A list of the most and least trusted institutions by Jordanians


Published: 2018-01-09 15:33

Last Updated: 2018-01-09 19:14

Jordanians have 54.2% trust in their government. (Daily Alternative News)
Jordanians have 54.2% trust in their government. (Daily Alternative News)

How much faith do Jordanians have in the Kingdom’s institutions?

According to a research study by the Jordan Strategies Forum, Jordanians place the most trust in the army, and the least trust in political parties.

Army: 90.3%
Police: 82%
Courts of Law: 73.5%
Government: 54.2%
Governmental institutions: 44.4%
Banks: 40.8%
Media: 32.9%
Parliament: 21%
Political parties: 9.7%

According to the Forum’s analysis, there is a link between people’s level of education and their lack of trust in government, courts of law and the media. The Forum concluded that the more educated the respondent is, the less distrust they have of those entities.

The study’s results also showed that the wealthier the person is, the more trust they have in banks, and the less trust they have in the courts of law.

The Forum noted that it is important to increase the people’s trust in government for economical reasons, which can only be achieved if the government provides better services and opportunities - especially those medical and educational - for the nation.