19 Speed cameras activated in Amman (and where to find them)


Published: 2018-01-08 16:44

Last Updated: 2021-06-21 15:31

You're being watched! (RAC)
You're being watched! (RAC)

Come Tuesday morning, the Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) will officially activate 19 speed cameras across the city, which have been on trial for the past four months.

The cameras will be located in the following locations:

1. By Al Hadi Mosque at the Al Irsal traffic lights headed towards Al Hurriya Street.

2. The Prince Hussein Street and Prince Ali Street crossing (at the new traffic lights).

3. The University of Jordan traffic lights headed towards Sweileh.

4. Near the Ministry of Higher Education on Yajouz Street headed towards Yajouz Bridge.

5. Near TOTAL gas station on Yajouz Street headed towards Yajouz Bridge.

6. Al Tatbiqiyya traffic lights on Hammad Abu Sweilem Street headed towards Al Urdon Street.

7. Al Urdon Street past Queen Alia Hospital.

8. Opposite Al Rahman Mosque on Mohamed Diaa Haq Street.

9. Gulf petrol station after the 7th Circle headed towards Queen Alia International Airport.

10. Airport Road headed towards Queen alia International Airport just before the Dahyet Farouq turning.

11. Al Hurriya Street following the Abu Ghazlah traffic lights.

12. Ghamadan Park headed towards Amman.

13. Opposite the Ministry of Interior headed towards Amman.

14. Al Irsal traffic lights on Al Hurriya Street headed towards Al Mokhaddarat traffic lights.

15. Al Hurriya Street from the Deir Ghbar traffic lights headed towards Al Mokhaddarat traffic lights.

16. Prince Ali Street from the US Embassy traffic lights headed towards Al Qaysiyyah Circle.

17. The Applied Science Private University traffic lights headed towards Shafa Badran.

18. Yajouz traffic lights headed towards Al Nab’a.

19. Marj Al Hamam traffic lights from the Officers Housing headed towards Al Quds College.

Mohammad Al Faouri from GAM said that the municipality has crossed off all the traffic violations - all 300,00 of them - that were recorded by those speed cameras during their trial period, which started in August 2017.

In Madaba, Salt, Zarqa, Irbid, Jerash, Mafraq and Ramtha, 41 out of 81 speed cameras will be activated, according to Al Faouri.