Bread subsidies: New topic for sarcasm in Jordan


Published: 2018-01-04 16:11

Last Updated: 2018-01-04 16:22

Bread subsidies: New topic for sarcasm in Jordan
Bread subsidies: New topic for sarcasm in Jordan

The hashtag “Bareezet al-Mulqi”, (The 10 piastres in Jordan are called bareezeh) has gone viral in Jordan over twitter today.

This comes after the government announced removing bread subsidies, and added that it will pay Jordanians 10 piastres a day instead.


“I’m not objecting, but I have a simple innocent question, and I don’t want to know anything else, how will I be paid barezty (my 10 piastres) or the number of my barayez ( the plural of bareezeh) which are 300 piasters? Should I open a bank account to be paid me? Or should I stand in line infront of the Ministry of Social Development, what it the system?”


"Apple polishers be like : al-Mulqi decided to pay us 10 piastres a day to revive the game of heads or tails, you educated people." 


"This is the first amount I recieve from the Jordanian government, after two years of unemployment."

"One of the advantages of Mulqi's 10 piastres is we can ride this." 


Jordanians believe that lifting bread subsidies will affect different commodities, which in return will put more pressure on their monthly salary.