Seven ways to best prepare for tomorrow's exam


Published: 2018-01-04 12:03

Last Updated: 2018-01-04 12:24

Simple ways can boost your memory
Simple ways can boost your memory
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Imagine this..

You have a very important exam tomorrow, and you have not finished all chapters.

Have you already started freaking out?!

These are seven effective ways for you to overcome exams stress, and memorize as much information as you have to :

1- Perfumes and scents

All you have to do is to spray a perfume that is not familiar to you (not your ordinary perfume) while revising your exam and then spray it again right before you start answering questions while having the test. But remember (DO NOT SPRAY A FAMILIAR SCENT)!


2- Chewing Gum

Chewing gum will help you memorize information and concentrate. If you had to sleep late at night, and then wake up early, chewing gum will definitely help you focus and complete tasks.
Scientists have discovered that chewing gum helps to boost both short-term memory and long-term memory.


3- Meditate

We really do realise that you don’t have enough time and that you are very stressed right now, but you really need to meditate for a couple of minutes.
Meditating does not only help you concentrate, but helps you get rid of all the stress you feel.

5- Inhale and exhale
You are probably fed up with all the advices on the benefits of inhaling and exhaling, breathing in and then breathing out.
Well okay, this time we really want you to try to breathe in from your nose while looking at the pictures, texts, or the graphs you are studying, and then breath out from your mouth.
Scientists discovered that the information is saved in your memory more when you look at them while inhaling air, than the ones you try to memorize while exhaling.


5- Hold your fist

Remember to hold your right hand fist before attempting to memorize things for 90 seconds and then hold you left hand fist when you want to recover what you have already memorized.
This is not magic, it’s science!
Scientists said this way can make changes in the brain’s functions will stimulate your memory to save things.


6- Do not stay up late too late before your exam

We know sleeping might seem impossible the night before your exam, but unfortunately, your brain will let you down if you did not get enough sleep.
What does this mean?
It means you will not be able to recover any information you have tried hard to memorize.


7- List down notes using this font

Times New Roman is the best font for the brain to read and memorize things. This might seem weird, but it is actually true!