Video: Lots and lots of success for Roya in 2017!


Published: 2018-01-01 11:12

Last Updated: 2018-01-01 12:28

Roya's celebrates 2018 with success and achivements.
Roya's celebrates 2018 with success and achivements.
Roya News Source

While Roya was the first TV station to start broadcasting using the High-definition Television (HD) technique in the Levant, lots of achievements continued for the station during 2017 making it a significant year.

As part of Roya’s celebrations for the New Year 2018, Roya TV hosted Roya’s General Manager, Fares Sayegh, in the daily morning show ‘Donya Ya Donya’, to talk about Roya’s achievements and success during 2017.

During the past year, Roya was topped among the most watched TV stations for Ramadan 2017, overpassing MBC1, “which will help the station to attract Gulf advertisers, to continue giving the best”, Sayegh said.

Roya also launched its English News website, the first-of-its-kind in Jordan, to provide independent and objective coverage of Jordan, Palestine and beyond, from a local perspective.

“Since Roya started, we wanted to launch an independent English News website in Jordan, that addresses foreigners who live in our country and Jordanian expats, also to help the world to stay informed about local Jordanian news,” Sayegh said.

“So far, the website is achieving great success, as its presence is essential”

Talking about awards and prizes, Roya won two awards during the year from King Hussein Cancer Foundation.

It also achieved total of 1 billion view on Roya’s Youtube channels, in addition to be awarded ‘The Gold Play Button’ from Youtube, as ‘Donya Ya Donya’ channel reached one million subscriber.

However, the latest achievement was that two of Roya’s journalists won the prize for the Best Report on Human Rights Issue during 2017 from the Journalists for Human Rights (JHR).

Achievements and success continue for Roya TV, wishing more success to come in 2018.

Here you can watch the full interview with Roya's General Manager, Fares Sayegh:
(Note: The Video is in Arabic)