Top ten Jordanian initatives of 2017


Published: 2017-12-30 13:23

Last Updated: 2017-12-30 22:10

Jordan is bustling with new ideas. (Wikimedia Commons)
Jordan is bustling with new ideas.  (Wikimedia Commons)
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Jordan is bustling with creatives and innovators, all seeking to improve their society through a range of new and exciting ideas.

In a region battling political and social discord, Jordanians have found ways to fight back. Tackling issues ranging from the environment, health and the refugee crisis, this year has seen a number of inspiring initiatives emerge from the Kingdom.

Here are the top ten initatives that made headlines in Jordan

-- Jordan launches major anti-smoking campaign-- 

With around 30 Jordanians dying of smoking-related illnesses every week, the Royal Health Awareness Society launched a major anti-smoking awareness campaign on Wednesday.

Launched in collaboration with the King Hussein Cancer Center, King Hussein Cancer Foundation, Anti-Smoking Society, Linda and Green Hands Society, World Health Organization and the University Consortium for Anti-Smoking, the “Think about us… put it out” campaign invites smokers to conform to the newly reformed health law (2017), which strictly bans smoking in all public areas.

The campaign also focuses on the importance of making Jordanians aware of the health, economic and social implications of smoking.

-- Largest solar power refugee camp -- 

Jordan's Zaatari camp went green this year, with the largest solar plant to ever be built in a refugee camp. Funded by the Federal Government of Germany through KfW Development Bank, the 15 million Euro solar farm will provide free and clean energy to 80,000 Syrian refugees and the host community.

-- Hareb: a local campaign aiming to promote mental health awareness -- 

Moves have been made to promote mental health awareness in the Kingdom. Earlier this year, Jordanian Yazan Halasa cofounded Hareb, a social media campaign aiming to raise awareness and shed light on the importance of acknowledging mental illnesses.

Mental disorders are often considered to be a sign of weakness, Halasa noted, and Hareb was founded to challenge this stigma. “Hareb means fight,” Halasa told Ro’ya. “We are fighting the stigma, the disease itself, and we are fighting for awareness. It’s very empowering to know that you can fight the disease. It is a battle, and you can fight and succeed.”

-- Jordan Labor Watch launches campaign in the International Day for Decent Work --

The Jordanian Labour Watch launched a social media campaign called #من_حقي_أشتغل_بكرامة (which means #I_demand_working_with_dignity) aimed at raising awareness regarding labor rights in Jordan, which comes in a time the world celebrates the International Day for Decent Work.

‘My right is to work with dignity’ campaign was one of many major movements triggered by Jordanian Labour Watch, and lasted 10 days starting from October 7th, to raise awareness about poor working conditions in the Kingdom.

-- First-of-its-kind breast cancer awareness campaign launches in Jordan -- 

In October, Princess Ghida Talal, the Chairperson of the Board of Trustees of the King Hussein Cancer Foundation and Center (KHCF), launched a new campaign to raise awareness about the importance of early detection of breast cancer.

Princess Ghida also announced the 9th Media Competition to Raise Breast Cancer Awareness, according to Petra news agency.

Headed by Jordan, other Arab countries participating in the campaign include Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq, Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, and Bahrain.

“Early diagnoses of breast cancer is the only way to stop us from losing our beloved mothers, sisters and wives,” her Highness said during a press conference

-- Amman launches #Amman24 campaign to promote tourism --

Jordan Tourism Board is launching a campaign called #Amman24, on Monday October 30th, to promote tourism in Amman.

The campaign aims to help Arab and foreign tourists discover new places they could visit within 24 hours, as well as fun activities they can enjoy in the city.

Queen Rania Al Abdullah took part in the campaign and posted on Twitter saying “Pleased to welcome the guests of #Amman24 to #Jordan. Enjoy your tour of our capital city!”

-- Jordanian kids donate their hair to make wigs for children with cancer --

It’s heartbreaking when a child loses their hair to cancer, which is why Jordanian hairdresser Nihad Dabbas launched the “Harir” (Silk) initiative.
“Harir” was launched in one of Amman’s malls this week, where children signed up to donate strands of their hair to kids who had lost theirs to cancer.
The compassionate coiffeur said that all donated hair will be made into “comfortable-to-wear wigs.”
Each wig, according to Dabbas, will be made to suit the child’s face shape and complexion, meaning that the colour and style of each wig will differ.

-- The initiative making Jordan accessible for all --

Have you ever wondered how to find places in Jordan that are accessible to people with disabilities? Aya Aghabi did, and she decided to do just that by launching Accessible Jordan, a site where she documents accessible spots in the Kingdom.

Aya’s website, Accessible Jordan, aims to compile a list of of places accessible to people with disabilities, including tourist spots in Jordanian cities, based on locations she had already visited before.

You can follow Aya and her future updates on Accessible Jordan and suggest places she could cover through Facebook, Instagram, and her website.

-- Men and women raise awareness against Gender-Based Violence --

Dozens of men and women took to the streets of Jordan’s capital Amman on Friday to march against gender-based violence, as part of the UN’s 16 days of activism.
Organised by Global Platform and ActionAid Youth Hub, in collaboration with 8 Districts walking group, the walk aimed to raise awareness of violence against women in Jordan and the world, as part of an international campaign to challenge gender based violence.

-- Jordan's new rehabilitation centre gives hope to landmine survivors --

Since the start of Syria’s 2011 civil war, hundreds of thousands of refugees have made their way across the border to Jordan, many suffering from the immense physical and mental toll of the conflict.

In response to the imperative need for mental and physical rehabilitation services for refugees in the kingdom, the Sir Bobby Charlton Centre for Support and Rehabilitation officially opened Tuesday, August 23, in Amman. It intends to provide physical and mental support for refugees from Syria, Iraq and other conflict zones, now living in Jordan.

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