Israel returns to negotiate Jordan over Dead Sea project and reopening the embassy


Published: 2017-12-28 10:05

Last Updated: 2017-12-28 10:55

The Israeli embassy in Amman. (File photo)
The Israeli embassy in Amman. (File photo)
Roya News Source

The diplomatic crisis between Jordan and Israel reached its peak, especially after Trump’s Jerusalem decision, and the Israeli embassy incident in Amman, which came to halt the mutual Red Sea-Dead Sea project between both countries.

Israeli media sources reported that Israel returned to negotiate Jordan over reopening the embassy and to resume working on the Dead Sea mutual-project.

Israel’s Channel 11 reported that the project was put on hold after a dispute between both parts over who will be responsible if the project, or one of its pipes, were hit by a ‘terrorist attack’, pointing out that the Israeli Finance Ministry rejected to take responsibility.

“The project’s failure was not due to the diplomatic crisis between both countries that started in July 2017, when an Israeli security guard killed two Jordanians in the embassy”, Israeli media sources reported.

Reports pointed out that current negotiations are taking place among Jordan and Israel over start working on the project to transfer water from the Red Sea to the Dead Sea which will benefit both parts.

While no official response from the Jordanian side, the Israeli Regional Cooperation Minister sent a letter to his Jordanian counterpart, saying: “The project is important for Israelis as well as Jordanians”, according to i24 News.

“Israel is interested in the project as Jordan does, but some professional disputes, that still exist, should be ignored before sharing the project’s tender and initiate working on it in the field,” the Minister said.

However, i24 News reported that Israel proposed a draft resolution to compromise the Jordanian part over reopening the embassy in Amman. It suggests that current ambassador to Jordan, Einat Schlein will be appointed in another position, and Israel will pay compensation and submit an official apology.

While Jordan demanded earlier that the Israeli guard who killed the two Jordanians in the embassy shooting incident should be trialed and insisted on its demand, the Israeli proposal ignores this demand.

Earlier in November, Jordan insisted on its demands that Israel must take legal procedures against the Israeli Embassy guard in Amman, in addition to the replacement of the current Israeli ambassador to reopen the embassy.

At that time, the Israeli Security Agency announced they will not put the guard on trial, when Jordan’s Minister of Media Affairs warned that Jordan will not reopen the Israeli embassy until Israel applies to international law and fulfills Jordanian demands to put the criminal on trial.