Santa Clause shot, injured in Gaza


Published: 2017-12-24 14:49

Last Updated: 2017-12-24 16:16

Editor: Abeer Ayyoub

Muhammad during the protest
Muhammad during the protest
Roya News Source

This is not figurative title; this is exactly what happened earlier on Friday when Muhammad Abu Hajar, 27, dressed up like Santa Clause, went along with demonstrators near the Gaza fence in protest of Donald Trump’s latest announcement over Jerusalem.

Abu Hajar ended up with being shot in the knee by Israeli bullet.

Abu Hajar said that he went on the day wearing his red-and-white clothes, carrying gift boxes and dedicating them for kids with a wide smile, but “the Israeli soldiers weren’t happy with this, they shot [him] directly.”

“I wasn’t there to stone soldiers; I was there to deliver a message of peace and love, I wanted to bring attention to this cause, I didn’t expect that happened,” Abu Hajar told Roya in a phone interview from Gaza.

Spokesperson of the Israeli forces, Avichay Adraee, attacked demonstrators who dress like Santa Clause, tweeting that this is changes Santa Clause’s image from peaceful and innocent, to one of a “terrorist”.

“This man will be a role model for children, you will drag them to terrorism, and destroy their childhood that didn’t start yet,” he added.

Abu Hajar who thinks that his injury in the knee is critical and can not be treated well in Gaza is still afraid to be transferred to an Israeli hospital lest he should be arrested there.

“I saw the incitement against me at the Israeli media, I can’t do this risk and go to Israel,” he said.

Nine Palestinians have been killed and more than 3400 others were injured since the confrontation with the Israeli forces erupted in the Palestinian Territories earlier this month after US President Donald Trump recognized Jerusalem as an Israeli capital, and announced he will be moving the American embassy there.

The Palestinian Red Crescent said that more 2776 Palestinians were injured in the West Bank and Jerusalem, while 618 were injured in the Gaza Strip.

Earlier on Thursday, the United Nations general assembly voted by majority to reject Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as an Israeli capital.

Abu Hajar said that peaceful demonstrations are the way to keep the Palestinian cause on the surface, “and to insist on Palestinians from all religions in Jerusalem as their capital.”