Six jobs that probably won't exist in 10 years


Published: 2017-12-22 12:07

Last Updated: 2017-12-22 12:07

Technology has both helped in creating and vanishing job opportunities (Life Hack)
Technology has both  helped in creating and vanishing  job opportunities (Life Hack)

As technology becomes increasingly present in our everyday lives, many jobs seem to have shifted, disappeared, or started to fade away

Here are six jobs that might disappear in 10 years, according to Bleu Bloom:


1- Retail cashier

As self-service checkouts and online purchasing become increasingly popular, the typical retail cashier might seem to be struggling in the future.

Technology has allowed human beings to be able to shop and purchase with no human interaction needed in between.


2- Telemarketer

The phone is no longer the only way to communicate, in a world where you can text or email. Therefore, the job of telemarketing seems to not have a place with all the other methods and strategies of new marketing systems.


3- Travel Agent

You might not need a travel agent already, but in ten years it seems that travel agencies will have to shut down completely.

Why would you need a travel agent when you can simply book online, compare between the cheapest flights and hotels and collect your ticket.


4- Taxi driver

You will not have to shout the word “Taxi” anymore or walk down the streets till you find a cab.

As ride hailing apps are finding their way in the market, normal taxi drivers will either have to find a way to follow the trend, or simply find other jobs.


5- Publishers and printers

As print media is fading out of the industry, digital media is taking over. This means publishing companies might not exist in a few years due to this technology shift.


6- Postal workers

Email communication made it easier for people to send messages and receive them with less time, less effort, and less money. People who still enjoy sending postcards will probably have to consider using the email more often.