Ministry of Health expects increase in seasonal flu deaths


Published: 2017-12-20 11:08

Last Updated: 2017-12-20 11:43

Jordan witnessed the worst flu period between 2010-2014. (Natural News)
Jordan witnessed the worst flu period between 2010-2014. (Natural News)
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Head of monitoring at the Jordanian Ministry of Health, Dr. Sultan Qasrawi, stressed the efforts and preparations the Ministry of Health is making in the fight against this year's flu season in the Kingdom.

Dr. Qasrawi also mentioned a monitoring system that detects respiratory diseases at the Ministry.

During an interview on Nabd Al Balad that aired Tuesday on Roya, Dr. Qasrawi talked about the seasonal flu earlier this decade.

He said Jordan witnessed the worst flu period between 2010-2014, explaining the Ministry recorded more deaths than the year 2009. He went on saying there has been a decline in the number of deaths in the past two years.

The interview also hosted Dr. Wail A. Hayajneh, the Dean of Medicine at the Jordan University of Science and Technology, who also expected a higher rate of seasonal flu cases accompanied by a higher number of deaths.

"Let's be honest, the number of people who are infected with the virus is expected to increase, as well as the number of deaths," said Dr. Hayajneh.

Dr. Qasrawi emphasized the importance of getting treated with the necessary vaccinations for the virus as soon as possible, but he did not encourage laboratory results if the symptoms do not require it.

Earlier this month, a lady passed away in Al-Jafr South of Jordan, infecting her 4 children and sending the city into a panic. The Ministry of Health advised those with seaonsal flu symptoms to stay at home.