VIDEO: Scam artist jumps in front of Amman traffic


Published: 2017-12-18 11:41

Last Updated: 2017-12-18 11:41

Citizens have been warned against scam artists.
Citizens have been warned against scam artists.
Roya News Source

A video is circulating showing a man purposely getting hit by a car in Amman, Jordan, in an apparent attempt to claim compensation from the “accident.”

The footage shows a man waiting by the side of the street and observing the oncoming traffic. He then hides behind a parked car before stepping out in front the moving vehicle.

He is hit by the right side of the car, before flying up onto the bonnet. The driver stops the car and the man limps away and lies down on the pavement.

Scam artists are known to fake being hit by cars as a means to claim financial compensation.

The Directorate of Public Security advised citizens to go to the nearest security center and file a complaint in the event of such incidents, in order to protect their rights and non-payment of any amounts of compensation.