Corruption at the Jordanian Investment Authority


Published: 2017-12-15 15:20

Last Updated: 2017-12-15 15:20

Expressive photo
Expressive photo
Roya News Source

A report by the Jordanian Audit Bureau revealed that the Investment Authority appointed an engineer to work for a salary of JD 1800 a month, without previously interviewing her as per company procedure.

The 2016 report said that an employee, with a Bachelor's degree in engineering, was appointed with a contract that includes all allowances and a monthly salary of 1800 dinars, starting from 3-10-2016.

The report also revealed several violations in the 2016 Investment Commission's appointments relating to the appointment of 20 employees with comprehensive contracts for all bonuses.

It also showed that a number of employees have been appointed on a comprehensive contract for all bonuses, noting that their jobs are not included in the job schedule for 2016.

Additionally, the number of promotion officers was six, according to the report, with salaries ranging from 700 to 1500 JD, however the number listed on the table of configurations for the year 2016 are only three. What's more, the six employees were appointed as employees with comprehensive contracts, high salaries, and classified as highly experienced, despite being fresh graduate with no previous experiences .

The report highlighted big differences in salaries for some employees, where the appointment of Bachelor of Political Science in 2015 was given monthly of 700 dinars, while the appointment of Bachelor of Civil Engineering in 2011 was given monthly salary 600 dinars.