Police arrest main suspect in Amman handbag-snatching incidents


Published: 2017-12-14 20:51

Last Updated: 2017-12-15 10:00

His accomplices are still on the run. (The Advertiser)
His accomplices are still on the run. (The Advertiser)

The main suspect in the “bag-snatching” incidents in Amman was caught by the capital’s Criminal Investigation Division on Thursday.

A special team from the Division was assigned the case after several women reported their bags being snatced away by two men, whom they said drove past them in a private car and quickly grabbed their bags before quickly driving away.

The investigative team had also used social media to identify the suspects, by circulating a video of the two offenders in action.

In the video, the men were seen driving past a woman in Marj Al Hamam area, before snatching her handbag away from her.

Following several days of investigation, the team was able to track down one of the men, who was sitting in a cafe in East Amman at the time of his arrest.

The suspect confessed to his crime and told the police that he had two accomplices.

The special team is currently working on tracking down the two other suspects.