Crimes that shocked Jordanians in 2017


Published: 2017-12-14 15:25

Last Updated: 2017-12-14 15:25

Crimes took place inside and outside of the KIngdom
Crimes took place inside and outside of the KIngdom
Roya News Source

As 2017 is coming to an end, here are some of the most shocking crime stories that shook Jordanian this year:

1- On New Year’s Eve in 2017 Jordanians woke up to the shocking news of an attack at one of Istanbul’s restaurants, leaving dozens dead, including two Jordanians.

2- Earlier in 2017, two Jordanians living in Indiana in the U.S were killed in an attempted robbery after moving to the U.S to find jobs. The victims were identified as Omar Shatnawy (36) and Wisam Sammour (34).

3- A seven-year-old Syrian boy was murdered after he was sexually assaulted and raped. Jordanians all over the Kingdom were outraged and the story went viral on social media, before the murderer was finally arrested.

4- A seventeen-year-old Jordanian was shot dead while walking out of school, by a criminal who have had previous records.

5- A man in the province of Ramtha, northern Jordan, killed his wife and two daughters. The criminal said he did it because of “honor,” according to a relative.

6- A Jordanian citizen was shot dead in front of a family member in the province of Maan, southern Jordan, by an unknown gunman. The criminal was later arrested.

7- A 50-year-old killed a thief who broke into his house in Abdoun, Amman. The man woke up to the sound of his son screaming after hearing sounds from outside before finding the thief in his kitchen.

8- A girl was killed in a so-called “honour killing” by her brother in front of one of Amman’s private hospitals. The 25-year-old criminal killed his 43-year-old sister who is divorced, and had cut ties with the family except with the mother. The victim was trying to meet with her mother, before she was murdered.

9- A girl was killed in Zohoor, Amman, by her step-mother and brother. The two face charges from murdering the girl, while her father was charged of helping them commit the crime.

10- Two elderly people were murdered in the area of Aidun in Irbid by their maid. The man and his wife were stabbed to death.