'Dangerous observations' made in Amman's state schools


Published: 2017-12-13 11:38

Last Updated: 2017-12-13 11:39

State schools need special attention in Amman. (Porto24)
State schools need special attention in Amman. (Porto24)
Roya News Source

An official report showed that more than 50% of “dangerous observations” were made in state schools in Amman, in particular the lack of lavatories’ maintenance, overcrowded classrooms, and the need for painting rooms, doors and windows.

The Minister of Health, Adnan Isaac, told Al Ghad newspaper that a school-inspection committee has inspected 868 schools in the capital, 368 of which were in East Amman.

One of the biggest problems facing those schools is to do with their snack bars.

Another problem, according to Isaac, is the presence of large garbage bins next to school entrances, which hinders the movement of students.

Isaac said that it is also important for schools for stop street vendors from selling their products by the main school gates.

Cleanliness is another major problem faced by those schools, which is caused by the lack of cleaners.

Isaac pointed out that the number of bathrooms is not proportional to the number of students in each school, which poses a health and safety risk.

Inside the classroom, many students sitting in front row sit less than two meters away from the board, which is against the rules and regulations.

Issac said that the committee’s observations will be sent out in a report to the Ministry of Education, in order to find a solution for them, for the protection and benefit of students and school staff.