Six year-old earns $11 million a year from YouTube


Published: 2017-12-11 10:20

Last Updated: 2022-05-16 09:49

His channel has over than 10 million subscribers
His channel has over than 10 million subscribers

Six-year-old Ryan, a popular host of a YouTube channel which reviews toys, is reportedly a multi-millionaire.

Ryan ToysReview is a family-run YouTube channel, which has generated around $11 million in 2017, according to Forbes’ annual list of the highest-earning YouTube celebrities.

Ryan earned the eighth rank on the Forbes list, the same ranking as YouTube’s comedy star Stalwart Smosh.

Ryan started making his videos in March 2015, and his parents have shot and produced every video, nearly every day, since then, according to The Independent.

The story began two years ago when Ryan, who was a fan of toy-reviewing videos, asked his parents to review toys himself.

Before July 2015, things were going slowly for the ToysReview channel, but they picked up when Ryan reviewed a “Giant Egg surprise” box. The video currently has close to 800 million views.

These days the channel tends to review new toys and food for kids, with the guidance from Ryan’s parents.

ToysReview has over 10 million subscribers, which translates into around 1$ million a month.