Frost, fog and brrr: This week's weather forecast


Published: 2017-12-05 09:48

Last Updated: 2024-05-27 03:19

The weather is set to get worse on Wednesday. (Pinterest)
The weather is set to get worse on Wednesday. (Pinterest)

Temperature fluctuation has been the theme in Jordan’s weather this week, and things are not about to change.

After enjoying higher temperatures on Monday, today will see another rise in temperatures, accompanied by high clouds.

The weather will change its mind again on Wednesday, as temperatures are forecast to gradually fall, until it becomes cold, very windy and rainy.

On Thursday, the cold will have settled in and low temperatures are expected to cause the formation of frost on the ground at night.


Weather forecasters have warned of a potential rise in water levels in the main roads of cities in central and northern Jordan.

They have also warned of the risk of flooding in valleys and lowlands in limited parts north and center of the Kingdom.

There is a risk of sandstorms forming on desert roads, especially in the eastern parts, due to strong winds, which might cause low visibility.

Roads in mountainous areas will experience low visibility as well, due to thick fog.

Forecasters are predicting “dangerous” 90km/h winds in the northern and eastern parts of Amman on Wednesday night.

Stay safe and keep warm.