King congratulates Jordan on Al Mawlid


Published: 2017-11-30 13:38

Last Updated: 2017-11-30 13:38

King Abdullah.
King Abdullah.
Roya News Source

King Abdullah tweeted out congratulations in celebration of Al Mawlid, Prophet Muhammad’s birthday.

"On the day of our Prophet's birth, Muhammad, peace be upon him, we stand in front of his immortal message that gave humanity the greatest values of mercy and tolerance. We remember today his great actions and his good nature.

King Abdullah and Crown Prince Hussein have received congratulatory telegrams on the occasion of Al Mawlid from various officials, including the Prime Minister, House Speakers, Head of the Royal Court, Head of the Independent Electoral Commission, Supreme Judge, Grand Mufti of Jordan, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, officials from the General Intelligence Directorate and the Public Service Directorate, as well as retired military officers.

Meanwhile, Prince Hussein received telegrams from senior officials and military officers.

The officials expressed gratitude to the King for and his efforts in defending Islam’s image.

King Abdullah, belonging to the Hashemite clan, is a descendent of Prophet Muhammad through his daughter Fatimah.