Attention, Jordanians: These commodities will NOT be taxed in 2018


Published: 2017-11-29 17:36

Last Updated: 2021-06-15 19:17

This is a relief for many struggling families. (SITCO India)
This is a relief for many struggling families. (SITCO India)

In 2018, some commodities will be left off the Jordanian government’s “Tax List.”

The Minister of Finance, Omar Malhas, said on Wednesday that these products will not be affected by the proposed taxes in next year’s budget:

Food: Oils, sugar, tea, smen, eggs, rice, flour, fresh milk, meats, chicken, fish, bulgur, legumes.

Agriculture: Pesticides and agricultural fertilizers.

Vets: Veterinary drugs and vaccines.

Kids: School supplies, baby powder and baby milk.

Malhas reiterated that government support will not come in the form of subsidies on commodities, but that the government will be distributing 171 million JOD to Jordanian citizens through the Social Security Cooperation.

The number of families who will be entitled to government support has not been finalized, but Malhas said that so far five million two hundred thousand citizens have made the list.