Only 45 charities and NGOs have their employees registered with social security


Published: 2017-11-27 16:09

Last Updated: 2017-11-27 16:30

More than 98% of charity and NGO employees are not registered with social security
More than 98% of charity and NGO employees are not registered with social security
Roya News Source

Only 45 out of 3700 charities are registered with social security, according to Mousa Sobaihi, an official with the Social Security Corporation.

Only 32 employees of charities and NGOS are registered with social security, which means that 98% of charity institutions don’t register their staff in social security, he added.

Social security law in Jordan obliges any official company with one or more employees to register its staff with social security, whether it’s a for-profit or nonprofit organisation.

Subaihi asked all charities and NGOs who have paid staff hired to register them in social security and provide information about them including the name, salaries and date they were hired.

According to Article 4 of the social security law, employees under the age of sixty are subjected to provisions of the law, without discrimination as to nationality and regardless of the duration or form of contract, the amount of wage and whether their work is done inside or outside the Kingdom.

Subaihi requested that anyone working for a charity or NGO ask their employers to include and register them in social security, as it is their right to do so.

Social security is important for everyone as it includes work injury insurance, disability and death insurance, maternity insurance, unemployment insurance and health insurance, he added.