The world trolls Saudi twitter user for spreading fake news


Published: 2017-11-20 13:45

Last Updated: 2017-11-20 13:45

Sweden refuted this Saudi Twitter-user's claims. (Screengrab)
Sweden refuted this Saudi Twitter-user's claims. (Screengrab)
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A number of countries trolled one unknown Twitter user after he tweeted fake information that Sweden had no security cameras.

A race begun to correct the misinformed Tweet after Nawaf Osaim posted from his Twitter account - which has around 4,000 followers - that Sweden is the only country in the world where there are no surveillance cameras in public places.

He confidently stated that this is because of the lack of crime, adding that the crimes recorded are generally unintentional.

The official account of Sweden on Twitter fired back, tweeting “this is wrong,” which led Osaimi to ask for a proof from the supervisor of the account. They replied: “you can see the cameras in public places all around you.”

@NawafOsaimi: Did you know in Sweden there are almost no surveillance cameras as the crimes are almost nonexistent! All recorded crimes are done by mistake!
@Sweden_AR: That’s wrong
@NawafOsaimi: What’s your source
@Sweden_AR:You can see the cameras in public places all around you

Osaimi apologized and admitted that he was wrong. He went on to say the country he was talking about was in fact Norway.

The official account of Norway on Twitter told him to try a different country, he then replied saying: “OK it is Japan.”

@NorwayAr: Try another country
@NawafOsaimi: Okay Japan

Of course, Japan replied denying the information, while other countries like Russia told him not to even think about saying it is them.

Even the Egyptian actor Mohamed Henedi had a say, ironically tweeting: “If you say it is Egypt we will not deny it.”

After Henedi‘s tweet things took a different direction, with Norway inviting him to do a movie on the country’s famous rock, “Preikestolen”, adding that Tom Cruise was there two weeks ago.

Translation: Since you have reached us, what do you think, Henedi, to film a movie on the Preikestolen and call it the Great Wall of Norway?
Tom Cruise was here two weeks ago

Sweden liked the idea and invited Henedi to “Tannforsen”, the largest waterfall in Sweden.

Translation: Good idea, or at the biggest waterfall Tannforsen in Sweden

Even Japan jumped into the thread by suggesting the city of Kyoto.

Translation: Or in Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan

While Jordan suggested the ancient city of Petra as the actor’s destination.

Translation: Or in the pink city of Petra

All of this over Sweden’s security cameras?