Cyber Crimes Unit warns of fake mobile applications


Published: 2017-11-18 10:28

Last Updated: 2021-06-17 18:14

Fake applications aim to penetrate personal date
Fake applications aim to penetrate personal date

The Cyber Crimes Unit warned smartphone users from downloading fake applications of their phones.

The Unit said on its Facebook page that fake applications aim to penetrate personal phones or social media accounts to steal the personal data of users, before blackmailing them for money.

The Unit published some advices for smartphones users regarding differentiating between fake and real applications:

1- Don’t download any application unless through the official app stores.

2- Look carefully at the name and the logo of the application, you will notice a slight difference between a real and a fake application.

3- Always check the number of downloads for any application. Real applications usually get large number of downloads.

4- Reviews are usually good indicators to help you find out if the application is real or fake.

5- Don’t update any application unless your operating system notifies you with available updates, and through the official app store.

The Unit finally warned that some applications are capable of reinstalling themselves even after deleting them, possibly making it so that your phone might need to be reset.