A Palestinian family’s ‘kampf’ to spite the Occupation


Published: 2017-11-06 11:37

Last Updated: 2017-11-06 11:52

Hammad explained that his father named him Hitler to spite the Israeli occupation. (Al Arabiya)
Hammad explained that his father named him Hitler to spite the Israeli occupation. (Al Arabiya)
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In an apartment building in Hebron city in the West Bank lives a family of three brothers and three sisters.

But it’s not your ordinary family.

What makes them so unusual? The brothers are named after leaders who served in Nazi Germany. Say hello to “Harbi,” “Rommel” - who was known as the “Desert Fox” for his surprise attacks, and their eldest brother “Hitler.”

Hitler Abu Hammad told AFP that he is the only person in the West Bank known as “Führer,” which is German for “leader.” Unsurprisingly, his name got him into a lot of trouble at Israeli security checkpoints.

One time when he was just 15, an Israeli soldier beat him up with the help of other soldiers, and called him a “criminal” after finding out that he was named after the Nazi leader. The same soldier even used the back of his rifle to batter the cartilage of his nose. Hitler still carries the mark left by the rifle 26 years later.

Hammad explained that his father, Mohammad Abu Hammad, named him Hitler to spite the Israeli occupation.

While the 41-year-old Palestinian is named after one of history’s most savage men, his character couldn’t be further from that of the “original” Hitler.

His peaceful nature was evident while discussing the late German leader. Palestinian Hitler denounced the actions of Nazi Hitler, and said that he is no way affiliated with the Nazi movement and its beliefs, reported AFP.

Hitler with his five children. (Al Arabiya)

Hitler Abu Hammad’s only “claim to power” is through his job as Vice Principal at the AlKhalil Elementary School for Boys. He has a second job at the Palestinian Ministry of Education and a third post as a literacy teacher for adults.

Hammad’s name did not only cause him problems with Israeli soldiers, but it almost prevented him from marrying the love of his life. He told AFP that initially, his wife’s family did not grant him permission to marry their daughter. In fact, even his wife was feeling skeptical, but grew used to the name after some time.

As for his friends, well, they prefer to call him “Abu Mohammad,” for obvious reasons.

Wouldn’t it be easier for Palestine’s Hitler to legally change his name? He said that he has no intention of doing so, claiming that “the name has become a part of him,” according to AFP.