Will Trump deport this 10-year-old disabled migrant?


Published: 2017-11-05 18:02

Last Updated: 2017-11-05 18:10

Roya News Source

A 10-year-old Mexican migrant, suffering from cerebral palsy, might be facing deportation from the Unites States, Al Jazeera reported.

Rosa Maria Hernandez spent nine days in a juvenile immigration detention centre before being returned back to her parents. Her release was confirmed by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and Texas Congressman Joaquin Castro.

The undocumented child was found out by border agents after undergoing gall bladder surgery in Texas. However Al Jazeera reported that Rosa had spent three months in the U.S before getting caught.

It is yet unclear whether the girl will be deported back to Mexico, according to the BBC.
"The Trump administration has not made clear whether they will proceed with deportation proceedings against her," lawyer Michael Tan said in a statement on Friday.

“No child should go through this trauma and we are working to make sure it doesn't happen again,” Mr. Tan added.