Jordanians’ best reactions to the “New Amman” project


Published: 2017-10-29 17:10

Last Updated: 2017-10-29 17:37

When will the new city be ready? (Taringa)
When will the new city be ready? (Taringa)

A “New Amman” city is in the making and Jordanians can’t even.

Since announcing the project last week, Jordanian social media users have been dying to know all the Whats, Whens, Wheres and Whys.

"We found the solution to address several pressing issues in Amman; we will create a new Amman city. This project will be offered for implementation on the basis to build, operate and transfer next year," PM Hani Al Mulki said last Sunday.

Only their questions intensified on Saturday, after Spokesperson of the Jordanian government, Mohammad Momani, revealed that only five people, excluding him, have been trusted with the location of the planned city, which will not be attached to the original Amman.

While we continue to wait for more details to emerge, here are the best (skeptical) reactions to the upcoming project.


“Five people in Jordan know the location of the New Amman city, while the rest of the nation knows that it’s all but one big performance.”

“Is Jordan really THAT big for the government to hide its location from us?”

“Don’t let the New Amman project make you forget about the imminent increase of bread and other commodities’ prices.”

“The big mystery remains: who are the five Promised Ones who know the location of the New Amman city.”

“It’s been 10 years since they said they were going to launch the Express Bus project… those alive today won’t live to see the day the New Amman is built.”

“Feed your people first.”

“Yes, a new Amman outside Amman without the Ammanis....”

“Why should the planned city be named Amman?! Amman is ours as it is.”

“I’m 30-years-old now: will I live to see the New Amman city?”