Want to live longer? Pack your bags and move to one of these countries!


Published: 2017-10-29 09:55

Last Updated: 2017-10-29 10:52

Age is just a number! (Federation Clinic)
Age is just a number! (Federation Clinic)
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Cherry blossoms, healthy bottoms!

People in Japan tend to live an average age of 83 years, one of the highest averages around the world.
Four-hundred people live on islands located in south Japan, where people live up to 100 years. According to studies, their diet is the secret behind their long lifespan.


Land of Paella is on the list too!

Spain is famous for its olive oil and vegetables, meaning people live healthier and for an average age of 82.8 years.


Money talks!

This tiny nation has one of the best healthcare facilities in the world, in addition to modern medical equipment, resulting in its people living to an average age of 83.1 years.

More impressively, Singapore has the lowest maternal and child mortality rates in the world.


Do they do karaoke as an exercise?

South Korea tops the list, as its nation tends to live up to 90 years, thanks to the great quality of food, which is rich in fiber and supplements.



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