Egyptian family rescues kidnapped Syrian in Cairo


Published: 2017-10-28 15:24

Last Updated: 2024-04-16 09:31

A Syrian man was kidnapped from his office in Nasr City, Cairo.
A Syrian man was kidnapped from his office in Nasr City, Cairo.

An Egyptian family rescued a Syrian man kidnapped after chasing the kidnapper's car in the Cairo suburb of Nasr City.

Yara Alaa El Dien, who was driving her family back home, noticed a suspicious man covering his face, and in a hurry to ride his car.

Yara and her family saw someone in the backseat of the vehicle trying to resist by screaming and kicking.

She chased the suspicious car and filmed the footage on a mobile, where her sisters are seen shouting and calling pedestrians to stop the car, Alaa El Dien said in an interview.

The kidnappers decided to throw the young man, who happened to be Syrian, from the vehicle during the chase and speed off, when Alaa El Dien stopped her car and the family ran over to the young man.

Shortly after the incident, she wrote on Facebook that kidnappers were arrested after a number of vehicles managed to chase them down and deliver them to the police.

The Head of Nasr City Police station, Wael Ganem, did not reveal the identity of the young man, but he said he got kidnapped at his office in Nasr City, according to Egypt Independent.

“They were planning to steal the Syrian man’s vehicle, mobile phone, and set a ransom for his release. They are now under arrest,” he said.

Yara Alaa El Dien's post on Facebook narrowing what happened and details of incident, expressing gratitude for everybody helped them in catching the kidnappers.