First jazz festival to hit Saudi Arabia


Published: 2017-10-27 09:12

Last Updated: 2017-10-27 09:51

Jazz is coming to the conservative Saudi kingdom.
Jazz is coming to the conservative Saudi kingdom.
Roya News Source

For the very first time ever in the history of Saudi Arabia, the kingdom is getting ready for a jazz festival which is to be held at the end of the year, according to Arab news.

Emaar, the Saudi Arabian industrial zone, is set to host the festival which aims to invite foreign musicians to perform, the group chief executive of Emaar, Fahd al-Rasheed said.

Al-Rasheed believes that Saudi citizens will be interested in attending such event, according to what he said in an interview on Wednesday.

“There is a huge, untapped demand for events and cultural performances like this,” he said.

As Saudi’s entertainment industry makes huge steps forward, the Kingdom has established the General Authority for Entertainment headed by Amr al-Madani in 2016, to enhance the sector of both culture and entertainment.

Along with the enhancement of Saudi’s entertainment industry, bans on cinema are expected to be lifted in the near future.

The entertainment sector is currently taking a huge share of Saudi Arabia’s 2030 vision.
Under the guidance of Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salem, the Kingdom is now shifting towards “moderate” Islam.