4 Cool Amman cafés you wish were your office


Published: 2017-10-16 22:27

Last Updated: 2021-11-27 01:15

How about this for an office? (Facebook)
How about this for an office? (Facebook)

For most of us, waking up for work every morning feels like a daunting task. But imagine if you could turn your favourite coffee place into your office (coffee included, of course!)?

Amman is bursting with cafés and work-friendly spaces, but these 4 trendy joints have got to be our dream-cafés-turned-offices!

Which would you want to spend your 9-5 at?


Almond Coffee House

This place is like the clean-cut, perfect on paper guy your mother wants you to marry. You know he will deliver, and so will this café.

Boho Haus Jo

This Bohemian spot will give you positive energy and keep you feeling at peace; just what you need for a productive working day. 

Cielo Cafe

So much colour. So much life. Who needs coffee when you can get your first dose of “wake me up” from this colourburst?

Shams El Balad

Because you don’t want to leave home, this café will make you feel like you never stepped out of your front door. With comfort all around you, embrace those “working from home” vibes.