4 Outdoor activities to enjoy in Amman before winter steals the summer sunshine


Published: 2017-10-14 16:42

Last Updated: 2024-06-21 17:38

Editor: Arwad Khalifeh

Make the most out of the sun while the weather is still warm outside. (Spectator Health)
Make the most out of the sun while the weather is still warm outside. (Spectator Health)

The sun is already bailing out on us as the cold spells of Autumn set in.

But don’t let the thought of the coldest season approaching put you in hibernation mode; make the most out of the warmish weather before those winter blues kick in.

Here are 4 outdoor activities you should enjoy in Amman until that happens.


Last of the summer sun

Photo: Four Seaons

There is still time to get sun-kissed a few more times before the sun is taken hostage by winter’s army of clouds. Amman is abundant in swimming pools to suit all budgets, that can be found at hotels, gyms and private members’ clubs.



Photo: The Spotist

Beautiful weather means beautiful rooftop bars and restaurants, which you should wine and dine at while you still can. The panoramic joints come with gorgeous views of the city too, which become even more pleasing to the eye at night, with lights sparkling in the distance like stars in the sky.


A walk in the park

Photo: The Jordan Times

...or forest! Al Hussein Sports City has a small forest surrounding it with a walking track. Get some fresh air and exercise there or at the fairly new King Hussein Park, which has large spaces for walking, running, playing football or enjoying a simple picnic.


Outdoor sports

Photo: Nass News

Tennis. Hiking. Swimming. Horse riding. Fishing. Cycling. Football. Camping (that’s more of an activity, we know).