Jordanian citizen in court for sending satirical text message


Published: 2017-10-11 15:59

Last Updated: 2017-10-11 16:22

The man was accused to recruiting for armed groups in Syria. (Shutterstock)
The man was accused to recruiting for armed groups in Syria. (Shutterstock)

A Jordanian citizen accused of recruiting men and women to join armed groups in Syria has been found not guilty by the State Security Court on Wednesday.

The man had been accused of sending a text message offering individuals the above position, however, the court concluded that the message was a satirical one that he had copied from the internet.

In the text message, married men are invited to send their wives to fight in Syria so that they could die as martyrs, thereby going to Heaven and giving their husbands peace of mind.

The message also included the name of a fictional charity called “Kindness Towards Men,” which rewards married men with a new wife when their spouses die in a battle in Syria.

At the end of the message, married men are invited to inform other married men about the charity’s work.

During his public hearing on Wednesday morning, the offender said that he simply liked the message and wanted to share it with a friend because he found it “funny.” However, the message was sent to another person by mistake, who reported him to the authorities.

Earlier this week, the State Security Court sentenced a woman to a year and a half in jail after she was found guilty of recruiting for the so-called Islamic State (ISIS).



This article is an edited translation from the Arabic Edition