Human rights delegation visit Swaqa Center with PSD officers


Published: 2017-10-10 10:12

Last Updated: 2021-04-20 23:36

The visiting delegation to Swaqa Correctional and Rehabilitation Centre. (Roya)
The visiting delegation to Swaqa Correctional and Rehabilitation Centre. (Roya)

The Jordanian coordinator for human rights, Basel Tarawneh, coordinated a visit to Swaqa Correctional and Rehabilitation Centre (SCRC) on Monday in cooperation with the Public Security Department (PSD).

At least 45 human rights organizations, local and global diplomates, in addition to several civil society and media specialized in human rights took part in the visit.

Tarawneh confirmed that this visit is one of the government’s periodic visits to ensure all efforts are done, to develop human rights in the Kingdom, and to connect with all improvements that might help in developing such organizations.

During the visit, the director of the Kingdom’s correctional facilities, Brigadier General Ahmad Kafaween told the visiting delegation that they aim to ensure all 14,000 inmates in the centre are integrated into society once they are released, according to the Jordan Times.

“We do not look at what the inmate did. We work to ensure that the inmates are enrolled in various recreational, vocational and handicraft training activities such as carpentering and computers to ensure that they find a job when they are released,” Kafaween added.

The SCRC was built in 1988, one of 16 correctional and rehabilitation facilities south of Amman, and it could house at least 2,154 inmates. Currently it has 1,626 inmates, including 225 who are non-Jordanians and 23 awaiting execution.