Jordan has a date with the rare ‘Harvest Moon’ tonight


Published: 2017-10-05 09:41

Last Updated: 2017-10-05 11:36

NASA describe this gorgeous, massive moon as a “great pumpkin.” (Fleurmach)
NASA describe this gorgeous, massive moon as a “great pumpkin.” (Fleurmach)
Roya News Source

The Jordan skies will be welcoming an unexpected visitor at sunset, as the “Harvest Moon” will be making a rare October appearance.

Astronomical expert Emad Mujahed said that a rare full moon will light up our skies on Thursday evening.

It is going to be so bright that you might confuse the time of the day for the afternoon, Mujahed said.

At 18:32, the full moon will rise from the northeast in Amman. It will shine in the sky for over 12 hours, until it goes back to sleep at 6:57 (local time).

NASA describe this gorgeous, massive moon as a “great pumpkin,” because of its deep orange-reddish appearance.

The Harvest Moon often appears in September, when the full moon is closest to the first day of Autumn.

The autumnal equinox happened on September 22 this year.

Tonight’s moon is so unique because it can appear during October just once or twice every decade.

Brief History

Where did the Harvest Moon get its name from?

Native Americans.

Before electricity, farmers would harvest crops day and night. When the autumn full moon appeared, it gave them the chance to harvest their crops late at night, using the moon’s unusually bright light.

Because September was the month corn was supposed to be harvested at the time, Native Americans gave the Harvest Moon the name it’s known by today.