Winter is coming: Tafilah takes precautionary measures ahead of snowy season


Published: 2017-10-02 09:42

Last Updated: 2024-04-16 23:44

Citizens of Tafilah enjoy the snow when it falls. (Twitter)
Citizens of Tafilah enjoy the snow when it falls. (Twitter)

Winter is coming… to Jordan.

The Tafilah Governorate is taking action months ahead of potential snowfall to ensure that its residents do not have to bear the cold nights of winter without any electricity.

The Executive Director of the Electricity Distribution Company for Tafilah, Abdel Hafiz Al Khalafat, said that his division is working tirelessly to ensure there will be a minimum to zero power cuts this winter.

Snow in Tafilah in 2014. (Twitter)

Khalafat said that they have washed high-voltage power lines to remove the dust and soil that have piled up on top of them during summer. This measure is to avoid sudden power cuts and to avoid loading transformers with more power than they can handle.

In addition, the company has employed specialised technicians, equipped emergency rooms with essential equipment and has hired extra bulldozers in case they experience heavy snowfall this year.

Every year, mountainous areas in southern Jordan experience a high volume of snowfall, much to the joy of children and nature photographers.


This article is an edited translation from the Arabic Edition