Government raises fuel prices


Published: 2017-10-01 14:23

Last Updated: 2017-10-01 14:37

Government hikes local fuel prices (Jordan Times)
Government hikes local fuel prices (Jordan Times)

The Fuel Pricing Committee agreed to increase the prices of unleaded 90-octane gasoline by 10 piasters per litre, and unleaded 95-octane gasoline by 15 piasters per litre. In addition, the prices of diesel and kerosine will go up by 35 piasters per litre, effective on Sunday.

On Saturday, the committee issued a statement declaring that 90-octane gasoline will be sold at JD0.690 and 90-octane gasoline at JD0.910, yet gas cylinders will maintain their price of JD7, according to Petra.

Local fuel prices fluctuate based on the committee's monthly review of international oil markets. The costs of shipment, storage and taxes are then added to the determined price.

The government defended its decision by stating that the price of a crude oil barrel went up to $55.95 in September, while it sold at $51.54 in August.