Almost 2 million students return to school in Jordan on Tuesday


Published: 2017-09-04 17:26

Last Updated: 2017-09-05 09:09

The new school years starts tomorrow.
The new school years starts tomorrow.
Roya News Source

The summer holidays are over and (sadly) it’s time to get back to reality… for students and teachers, that is.

About one million and 950 thousand students will start the new school year in Jordan on Tuesday.

Out of the figure mentioned, 193,000 students will be starting first grade tomorrow, according to the spokesman for the Ministry of Education, Walid Al Jallad.

Al Jallad said during a press conference on Monday that over 105,000 teachers and managerial staff went back to school on 26 August.

He added that the ministry is still in the process of filling vacant positions at schools around the country.

The ministry is now in charge of 25 new schools, according to Al Jallad, which were supplied with furniture and other supplies in preparation for the new school year.

In other news, many Jordanian parents have reportedly complained about the public school uniforms on sale in stores this year, as they are “too short, tight and inappropriate” for female students, reported Al Kawn News.

The same complainers have demanded that those uniforms are banned and that students who wear them are punished in order not to encourage their peers to follow suit.