Houthis and Saleh forces end tensions


Published: 2017-08-29 17:42

Last Updated: 2017-08-29 17:54

Houthis and Saleh forces end tensions
Houthis and Saleh forces end tensions

Leaders of the Houthi group and forces aligned with President Ali Abdullah Saleh , agreed to end tensions between them on Tuesday.
The agreement came after four people were killed, and at least 10 injured in deadly clashes which took place last Saturday.
A meeting was held and led by Houthi group’s official spokesman, Mohammed Abdulsalam in Sanaa, the Yemeni capital on Monday.
The two sides decided to “remove all causes of the tensions that occurred in the capital Sanaa and to return the security situation to what it was before the activities last week,” the two sides said in a statement.
This comes after Salah Saleh, son of the former president, was stopped by a Houthi checkpoint in Sanaa, late on Saturday.
When Houthis discovered that the convoy was Saleh’s, insults were traded before a gun battle started.
Tensions escalated between Houthis and Ali Abdullah Saleh, when the former president hinted his allies were “a militia”, on 21 August.
Mohammed Ali al-Houthi, president of Houthi-led Committee, demanded an apology from Saleh’s party without mentioning the reason behind the apology.
According to BBC, more than 7,600 people have been killed and 42,000 injured since March 2015, the majority in airstrikes by a Saudi-led multinational coalition that backs the president.
The conflict and a blockade imposed by the coalition have also triggered a humanitarian disaster, leaving 70% of the population in need of aid.