Irbid's Municipality finds a solution for its parking problem, but it will cost you money!


Published: 2017-08-29 16:59

Last Updated: 2017-08-29 17:42

Will this solve Irbid's parking problem?
Will this solve Irbid's parking problem?

The Municipality of Irbid is going the extra mile to find a solution for the city’s parking problem.

Hussein Bin Hani, the Mayor of Irbid, said on Tuesday that plans to revive the city’s paid-parking project (AutoPark) is in the works.

Several commercial areas are being considered for AutoPark, should the right conditions exist, added Bin Hani.

Bani Hani added during his meeting with the coalition of companies assigned to carry out a feasibility study for the development of Central Irbid, that “the municipality has signed an agreement with the Public Security Directorate to provide a cadre of professionals, who will monitor traffic and surrounding markets in order to guarantee the project’s success.”

The plan to develop Central Irbid will consist of selecting 12 traditional homes, representative of Jordanian heritage, located in various locations across the city, before choosing the best ones and possibly purchasing them.

Bani Hani also plans to build folkloric markets in different areas of the city, one of which will be in the centre.

The biggest market, however, will be located at Al Shahinat City (Lorries City), where the municipality owns 200 acres of land, and where they will build a slaughterhouse for poultry and a waste recycling plant.

But if Irbid’s municipality is looking to reduce the number of cars on its roads, why don’t they invest in an express bus service like the one that will be operational in Amman in 2019?