Jordanian truck drivers concerned about reopening of Jordan-Iraq borders


Published: 2017-08-29 16:30

Last Updated: 2017-08-29 16:59

The Jordanian-Iraqi borders.
The Jordanian-Iraqi borders.

A total of 1500 trucks from Jordan will be back in service after the Iraqi border crossing with Jordan opens, according to the president of Jordan Truck Association, Mohammed Al Dawood.

Al Dawood told Roya that the reopening of the border is very important to both Iraq and Jordan economically, especially considering that The Trebil border crossing is the only border crossing between Jordan and Iraq.

The border allows trading different items and goods between the two countries, and will help improve the financial situation of many traders who were affected by the closure, Dawood said.

However, resuscitating the trucks market will take at least a year, and will most likely prove to not be very successful at the start.

Dawood said the Ministry of Transportation should follow up with the work, and provide conditions to improve investments between the two countries.

He asking the government to support the transportation sector by exempting it from paying licensing fees for five years, to help reinvigorate it, after the Syrian Crisis crashed the market, costing the sector at least $656 million in losses.

The Trebil border crossing is slated to be reopened tomorrow after being closed for three years after ISIS took over Al Anbar province in June 2014.