King Abdullah II warns against associating terrorism with religion during meeting with Erdogan


Published: 2017-08-22 10:00

Last Updated: 2021-04-21 04:40

Talks were held between the two leaders at the Al-Husseiniyah Palace.
Talks were held between the two leaders at the Al-Husseiniyah Palace.

His Majesty King Abdullah II held talks with Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan in Amman on Monday, where they discussed ways to enhance the cooperation between the two countries and the latest developments in the Middle East.

Plenary talks were held at the Al-Husseiniyah Palace, where the two leaders stressed the importance of continuing consultations and coordination between Jordan and Turkey on various key issues.


The King delivered a welcome speech to Erdogan and others in attendance. He said:

“My dear brother, Mr. President,

On behalf of myself, the Jordanian delegation, the government of Jordan and the people of Jordan, I truly welcome you here in your second home, and delighted to have your presence back here again.

I would also like to take the opportunity to thank His Excellency the President, my brother, for the very strong positions that he has taken on the challenges of Al Aqsa and Jerusalem, and his very brotherly support of Jordan through the challenges that we’re all facing.

The President and I had an opportunity to exchange views on many issues that deal between our two countries; again reminding ourselves that we have a historical relationship of seventy years, and something of great pride to both our nations.

And, today, we will continue to have bilateral discussions on how to improve the political, economic, military, intelligence and social relations between our two countries, and there are many opportunities in this field. Both countries have suffered from terrorism and extremism, and, again, this is just another opportunity for both my brother and I to strengthen the relationship between our two peoples.

So, Sir, in the warmest regards, I welcome you and your delegation here in Jordan. I know that shoulder to shoulder, as we walk forward with the challenges that we face, we’ll be able to overcome all the obstacles that are ahead of us."


President Erdogan responded with his own welcome speech:

"My dear brother, His Majesty the King of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, distinguished members of the delegation, we return to Jordan, the brother after 9 years, on behalf of myself and on behalf of members of the Turkish delegation, I extend my sincere thanks for the warm welcome we have received. On behalf of myself and on behalf of my country, I also extend my heartfelt thanks to His Majesty the King for this kind invitation to visit Jordan."

We have historical ties, and this year 2017 is particularly important in the bilateral relations between the two countries, it marks the 70th anniversary of the establishment of relations between the two countries. I hope that this important anniversary will be an occasion for the good of both our countries.

On behalf of myself and on behalf of my country, I extend my sincere thanks to my Jordanian brothers for their solidarity with us on the night of July 14. As a state and people, we will always be with Jordan.

I am aware that my dear brother (His Majesty the King) attaches great importance to the Palestinian cause, and we will continue to support Jordan's role in protecting Jerusalem's holy sites. We will continue to work together to prevent the reoccurrence of attacks and violations that took place at the Al-Aqsa Mosque last month.

The Muslim world and the region are going through a critical time, and we, as Muslims, have to stand together especially in this critical time in which our future will be determined, by strengthening cooperation and consultation between us, and I believe that the talks, bilateral and expanded, which we will hold today will be very useful. I thank you again."