Lemon prices making people sour


Published: 2017-08-19 11:25

Last Updated: 2021-04-08 23:08

Lemon prices hiked up to almost 1.5 JD/Kg
Lemon prices hiked up to almost 1.5 JD/Kg

Looks like scurvy might be on the rise in the Kingdom, with lemon prices going up to almost 1.5 JDs per kilogram.

This is according to the central wholesale fruit and vegetable market of the Greater Amman Municipality, that sets the lowest and highest prices for a fruit/vegetable (who’d have guessed it) per kilogram. Other produce on their new list of prices include:

Aubergines: 100-300 fils (0.1-0.3 JD)
Potatoes: 250-500 fils
Watermelon: 100-350 fils
Tomatoes: 100-500 fils
Carrots: 300-400 fils

The list goes on, but it’s the price of lemon that’s truly had an acidic rise.