Iraqi Minister calls for the reopening of borders with Jordan


Published: 2017-08-18 17:50

Last Updated: 2017-08-18 23:11

The Trebil Border Crossing.
The Trebil Border Crossing.
Roya News Source

Salman Al Jumaily, Iraqi Minister of Commerce, called for the quick reopening of the Trebil Border Crossing between Jordan and Iraq to reinvigorate trade and travel between the two countries.

Al Jumaily said that Iraq is in desperate need of the reopening the border crossing, and that Treibel is one of the most important border crossings Iraq has for its commercial significance.

He stressed that the highway connecting the two countries’ capitals needs to be repaired as well.

Iraq and Saudi Arabia have announced this week the reopening of the border crossing between the two countries after its closure for 27 years.

The Iraqi Minister said that Iraq could overcome its economic crisis by increasing trade with other countries.

Earlier this month, Iraqi sources said that Jordan would open the Trebil border crossing if it received security guarantees from the United States that the area surrounding the crossing is clear of ISIS militants.

The Trebil border crossing is the only border crossing between Jordan and Iraq and has been closed since July 2014, when ISIS took over the Iraqi province of Al Anbar.