7 Things you need to know about Jordan’s new yellow taxi app


Published: 2017-08-16 12:36

Last Updated: 2022-05-25 07:52

Will you be using the new app?
Will you be using the new app?

In two weeks’ time, you will be able to switch from using Careem and Uber to ordering the good ol’ fashioned yellow taxi using the new “Jo Taxi” app.

While most Jordanian social media users are skeptical about the new service, you might have a different opinion (or a change of heart) after reading this.

Here is everything you need to know about the “Jo Taxi” app:

1. Drivers will attend compulsory training courses focused on good customer service, communication skills, presentation and other essential steps followed by Uber and Careem drivers.

2. Drivers will be provided with matching uniforms, free of charge.

3. Drivers’ cars will be monitored by the Greater Amman Municipality.

4. Drivers will be suspended if a complaint against them is proven to be true.

5. Exceptional drivers will be rewarded for their good work ethic.

6. Not all yellow taxi firms are obliged to sign up for the new app.

7. Customers don’t need wifi to order their yellow cab: they can call them instead.

The “Jo Taxi” app developers signed a deal with mobile telecommunications company Zain last Sunday, who is working side by side with them to launch the app.

Almost 500 thousand people use yellow taxis on a daily basis in Amman.

But with just 11,000 taxis on the road, and less than 20 thousand drivers, surely Uber and Careem are a welcome addition to the public transport system?